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Re: [HELP] WCCP Bridged?

the 3750-x was bought specifically for this for what we're doing the redirect-in isn't really going to be an issue from what we can tell...

as for the router the model is really old and already running at 70% CPU so activating WCCP is a no no as the cache vendor and our own research has shown it would cripple the router...

I wouldn't call the 3750-x exactly lowend :S But anyway.

All we need this switch to do is handoff to wccp beyond that the rest doesn't matter...

The only issue we are having is to figure out if we need to augment the routed network to have the 3750 as a fixed routed point between our internal network and the router, or if wccpv2 will work using redirect-in on the 2 ports in bridge mode?

Having not used wccp before i'm not sure i know its interface based, but i can't really find mention of if it has to be routed through the switch or if it can be bridged through the switch.


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For lower-end switch that only support Layer-2 WCCP forwarding, the switch configuration is similar to Layer-3 configuration. The difference should only be using redirect in command on the LAN-facing interface instead of using redirect out command on the WAN-facing interface.