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Re: Rogers NEW Ultimate 150/10 With Hitron

said by HiVolt:

said by creed3020:

said by kliles:

I wondered that too (I have no idea...) but my first guess was that it is a right-angle power connector so that the box lies flat on the wall?

I can't see it being the power supply. This modem needs an AC to DC conversion, usually in the form of a brick. It also has a traditional power plug on the back. Perhaps it offers some other functionality.

Maybe it's for MoCA (Multimedia over Coax). maybe you plug in an extension cord to it, or it has some retractable cord inside that you pull out and plug it to an outlet for MoCA.

But why would Rogers include that? MoCA is not something they support for anything aside from their whole home pvr service and that does not require the set top boxes to be hooked up to any sort of router or modem.

Toronto, ON
Errr, I meant to say Powerline Networking, not MOCA... sorry...

Maybe they'll be offering one of those plug in adapters that you can plug in wherever you need internet (but wifi doesnt reach or the devices dont have wifi).