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New York, NY
reply to Voxxjin

Re: Falling Skies Returns Sunday

It didn’t really look like a grin to me but a helmet / facemask would seem to be a protective measure. Removing it suggest an “all clear” or otherwise presents an unnecessary vulnerability if its intentions were hostile. Also note that the humans there lowered their weapons which were previously at the ready towards the end. I think its fairly clear that they are friendly. Either that or they are weaklings because if they aren’t they could wipe out the human population in the general area, which, would leave us with no resistance and no story.

BTW, the weapon that they attacked may have been intended to prevent the new aliens from landing on earth. The new aliens seemed to be descending in pods which could have come from a single ship. Still such a weapon would have likely been more effective in orbit (outside the reach of humans and clear of atmospheric / gravitational effects).

San Jose, CA
·AT&T U-Verse

I don't remember if it was stated outright, but I think the one they destroyed just "protected" the East Coast. I don't think anyone said it was the only one.

My prediction is the new aliens will be a "friendly" to a degree, and an ally of sorts, but may not necessarily have the human's best interest in mind either. If they are there to fight the fishheads, they may not care if it wipes us out too.