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Jacksonville, NC

Some suggested alternatives...

May I suggest upgrading to WH-DVR?

Benefits of the upgrade:

Lower overall price: WHDVR with 2 playback boxes is cheaper than 3 HDDVRs.

More space: Standard HD-DVR is 60hrs each vs. 430 Hrs per WH-DVR.

Bonus - Networking: Right now if you want to watch what you record you will need to sit in the room you recorded it at; vs WHDVR you can access your recordings from any room you have a box. I will grant however that you need to set up your recordings from the DVR.

As a second alternative, you may wish to also consider upgrading to SignatureHome + 1 additional playback box
(you'll increase your overall recording time to 860 combined hours and get faster Internet, plus some cool extras in the process.

Just an FYI!


Jim McCoy