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Cyber Librarian
Forest Grove, OR
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reply to Alpha Phoenix

Re: [Sci-Fi] Fringe: Season Five

said by Alpha Phoenix:

said by darcilicious:

So I've been having my little Fringe marathon and I've just about finished season three and man what a great set of episodes! I'll hold off judgement until I rewatch season four but I think I know why I thought it sucked so much!


Well, after watching it straight through over the past several evenings, I would have to say that season four wasn't as bad as I remembered but that's probably because I was able to watch several eps each evening and even more over the weekend.

I did still dislike two things: killing off Joe Flanigan's character (Lincoln's partner) right off; and how long it took Peter to come back.

There are lot of cool details from one ep to the next and yes, FOX's penchant for scheduling mult-week breaks between episodes made it very hard for me to track them last year. I enjoyed it much more watching straight through.

It's interesting to note that in both season three and season four there was an ep that was about the future -- and obviously season five is going there. I'm rather looking forward to it and I'm hopeful that the writers do a good job with this last season.
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