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Dahlonega, GA

Fiber Installation in my area underway?

About 2-3 years ago, the federal gov't posted a big big grant to roll out fiber in the North Georgia area. Since that time, I'm seeing lots of activity in the area. One place, I see lots of White/Orange pole indicating fiber lines are buried underneath. In other areas, I'm seeing build outs of what I can only assume would be sorta like Remote CO's, but only for fiber. On my road, there is fiber on the poles; two strands, and then it travels around and drops underground in various areas.

What should I be looking for to be sure that 1.) This is actually fiber and 2.) How will I get it to my house?

I can post pictures later if need be!

Dahlonega, Ga

Southeast TN
Pictures would be helpful. The Orange / White poles are underground service markers, and can be fiber or copper.


Salisbury, MD
reply to Shep1478
What you are describing, Shep1478, does sound like how a fiber interconnect network would be built. Couple of things to note, are techs installing terminals/closures at the poles. These would facilitate actually bringing a fiber drop/section to your house. The "boxes/remote co's" you are seeing are probably fiber crossconnect housings (my best guess) because the actual fiber signal originates at the main central office and needs to be redirected to customers.
Hope this helps.., oh and btw.., you could just stop and ask one of the techs.