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reply to pfsmith

Re: [Speed] ICSI Netalyzr Results - "Excess Buffering"

said by pfsmith:

said by JigglyWiggly:

if you setup QOS then my excess buffering problem went away on pfsense.

OFC now that I have 50 megabits, I don't care.

I have a linksys E4200 with up to date firmware.

When I setup QOS of any kind it slows things down.

So, it's off during the above tests... but I'm alone on my network, too, so it should not matter.

My speedtest are fine, btw. But, I can tell somethings not right...

Yes, as others have pointed out QoS will reduce your overall bandwidth (that is the nature of the beast). However, the benefits can override the slight bandwidth loss (especially for latency sensitive applications such as gaming and VoIP).

Netalyzer test without QoS

Netalyzer test with QoS

Comcast speed test without QoS

Comcast speed test with QoS

FYI, I am on a 12/2 mbps speed tier. For me the tradeoff between a reliably responsive connection and seeing the warm fuzzy PowerBoost induced speed test results is an easy choice. Of course, YMMV.
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