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[Snow] Netsession_Mac Prompt for incoming network connection

I've had my Mac for about a year or a bit more. Today out of nowhere I got a prompt that asked me if I wanted to allow "netsession_mac" to permit network downloads or connections. That was all. My only choice was to either click on "deny" or "allow. (The exact wording about accepting network or server connection is approximate. )

I Googled "netsession_mac" and all of the hits that came up on first page were mostly Mac Forums of various origins and types, (not this DSLR one.) The question in those forums was stunningly clear, direct, and on point and each forum. The user asked what is this prompt and should I allow or deny. The period of time that the question was posted by Mac users ran from 2009 to 2012.

None of the "pontificators" provided a direct and clear answer and some were not even on topic per se.

Other than rambling answers, the one most common reference constant was that the prompt was linked to Akami, a service that provides enhanced downloads for products such as Adobe among others. (I did recently update some Adobe products such as Reader and Shockwave without any issues.)

I was having an especially bad day today in every way and finally decided on "allow" after my futile search.

My question is what is netsessions_mac and should I have chosen allow or deny? And why or why not?

The other non-DSLR Mac forum answers in response to other posters asking the same question were overall very poor, usually vague, and sometimes off target. They were not helpful.

Than you for your anticipated response.

You kids get offa my lawn
San Jose, CA
Really? I got it on the second hit:

» ··· at-is-it


said by bobrk:

Really? I got it on the second hit:

» ··· at-is-it

Yes, I read that link before posting and I read all of the responses in the several posts contained in that link. Combined with other links and other forum posts that were contradictory IMO caused me to post the OP and to bold parts of it.

I do, however, really appreciate you taking the time to attempt to attain some form of an answer or information for me.

Perhaps more will emerge with time?

Pittsburgh, PA
reply to Insight6
It could be an akamai notification if you have the client on there.

Sacramento, CA
reply to Insight6
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