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HD in Trail


[BC] More great service...

Monday, Aug. 27th, 2012

On the same day, I suddenly had a problem with both my internet service, and my new cell phone. (It was a typical Monday from hell, so everything else was going wrong too... ruptured radiator hose anyone?)

Anyway, I called the help desk, and ended up speaking with Chadi in Calgary. (I even asked him how to spell his name, and he probably wondered why - this post is why). Please extend my compliments to Chadi - he was calm and reasonable, and took the time to listen to my whole situation - that latter part is important, since there are many places that make assumptions about what you are saying or where they think you are going with your concerns and they sometimes jump the gun before you have finished - not so in this case. Anyway, Chadi not only helped me with my problem (thanks!), he was also kind enough to then transfer me to the help desk that would help me concerning my cell phone issue.

Compliment number 2 goes to the help desk person for my cell phone - I believe she said her name was 'Belle', but I was at a Telus store using their phone and there was a lot of noise in the background - she may have spelled it as 'Bel'. She was at the call center in Manila (at 7:00 in the morning Manila time no less), and like Chadi in Calgary, she also listened to the whole situation before taking action, but take action she did and resolved the matter in very short order. Thanks!

I hope someone has the ability to forward this to their respective supervisors - great job by both. I very much appreciated their time, patience, consideration, and their results as far as addressing the issues.

HD in Trail, British Columbia )


Montreal, QC

Thanks for taking the time to come to a message board and post your positive experience. Without knowing customer specifics I will do my best to get this forwarded to the correct place, thanks!