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Re: [BC] Wynndel / Creston BC

Cant seem to get my login to work, i will PM you the number when i get back to Creston next week ( my login is cached on my main machine). I didnt recieve any notice, the installer basically showed up at my door, said they were lighting up the node and went over the promotions. I did have a bit of a heads up it was coming, a few weeks prior to the actual hookup they started terminating the coils of cables on the poles with splitters and had installed some amplifiers.

And i hear you with the whole Telus and local WISP thing, its a joke.



Yes, please do. I'd appreciate any heads up stuff you can give me.

I can tell you that some time ago a CS agent I contacted (he was in Calgary) contacted "the lady in charge of this stuff" (I'm guessing she is in Cranbrook) and he told me that later this year Shaw would be doing connections along hwy 3a ... but had no plans for doing Wynndel. And, I've had a similar confirmation recently from this forum. Alas, I don't live on the highway!

I find this all to be very disappointing! And I really have to wonder what we good folk in Wynndel have done to tick off both Telus and Shaw. I know that Shaw got a very small amount of federal money ($10,000.00) to do hookups in Arrow Creek. And, I could probably go door to door here and raise that if it'd guaranty that we would get real broadband here.

Is there a wish list I can add a request to which would impact Shaw?



If your community can get the money together you should talk to Shaw as a group. Where there is a will there may be a way. It's worth investigating IMO.



all the funding that went into the wireless providers in Wynndel is probably gonna kill it for us. Fortunately for me i'm on hwy3a, though I have phoned shaw loads of times and keep getting told to phone back in a few months.

fingers crossed for shaw, air card is killing my wallet