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Holly Springs, NC

[General] Best modem for AT&T 6mb dsl

I have had my DSL for about 6 years now and have the 2 Wire 2701HG-B modem connected to a Cisco/Linksys WRT160Nv3. Generally speaking I get 4-5+mb downloads with 350k uploads. AT&T seems to go thru phases with internet speeds and I have often lately seen speeds about 150-350k download and 40-120k upload.

Usually when I can't take it and I'm ready to call AT&T I hook up the modem to the NID and by the time I get it all hooked up, my speeds are back up, for a while. I know that disconnecting the DSL for a time will usually restore speeds. But I recall reading that the 2Wire was not one of the best ones.

I saw someone post that the motorola 3347 was a good choice. So I'm wondering what is my best option for a modem? Should I stick with the 2Wire or I found a 3347 on CL here for $15 which is reasonable. I do have a lot of devices on my home network which I'm sure could cause things to slow down (xbox, ipods (x2), ipad, laptops/desktops (x4) ..)

On the flip side, a friend at work gave me a Cisco 2500 rtr and I have that configured but need to pick up a switch so I can connect to my wireless and internal network. I guess I still need a DSL modem with that still though.

Any advice here would help because I'm about to give up and go back to cable modem.

Warner Robins, GA
The 3347s are a good choice. They are supposed to be more rugged. I have used both the Motorola DSL Modem Model 3360 and the Motorola DSL Gateway Model 2247-N8 with good results. »www.att.com/equipment/accessorie···dems.jsp. »www.amazon.com/Motorola-2247-N8-···04CYF0VE »www.motorola.com/Video-Solutions···esources


Saint Augustine, FL
reply to rtraversi
For the first time in many years I am looking at switching from Comcast to AT&T, only because Comcast can't decide if they can service my new house (right next to another house that does have service... idiots). So just in case, because I work from home and MUST have reliable internet, I need to get the most reliable DSL modem for use on an AT&T 6mb connection. By reliable, I mean not dropping the connection in the middle of the day thus dropping my Cisco VPN circiut.

AT&T offers their usual Motorola modems. The last time I had DSL was over 10 years ago, using an ancient Westell, so I am not up on all the brands.


Santa Clara, CA
said by twonotes:

By reliable, I mean not dropping the connection in the middle of the day thus dropping my Cisco VPN circiut.

In that case you need at least 2 working modems on hand, and a wireless modem for failover.
When drops are due to ATT crumbling infrastructure,, modem will not help.