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Modem died and dont want to rent


I have a sonic DSL at a remote location at my business. The modem just stopped syncing. Employees called - "our internet doesn't work!". OK, I called Sonic. Basically, it's either the modem or the phone line and CO infrastructure ( an RCO ).

I was willing to just buy another modem and worry about it later. But now with the new "rent" policy, Sonic won't sell me a modem.

So I got on Ebay and bought a pair of Cisco 678's. Hopefully,
I can talk my guy out there through configuring one.

Since we have static IPs, the 678 needs to work in bridging mode. Anybody know if Sonic uses PPP or RFC1483?

- Jerryk1234

Sunnyvale, CA

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You haven't clearly stated what kind of Sonic Internet service you have.

Do you have traditional DSL or Fusion ?

The reason I'm asking is that you mention modem rental which I thought only applies to Sonic Fusion but you bought Cisco 678 modems which are for traditional DSL (ADSL1). Such a modem can be used on Fusion (single line) but will not get the full speed.

Furthermore the fact that you bought a pair of Cisco 678's makes me worry that you intend to use them on bonded (dual-line) Fusion and that is 100% guaranteed not to work. Bonded (dual-line) Fusion service requires a dual-line modem.

Edit: Regardless whether your service is traditional DSL or Fusion, Sonic does not use PPP, PPPoA or PPPoE. RFC1483 is a specification that covers multiple ways of encapsulating LAN protocols (not just IP) in ATM cells and therefore choosing RFC1483 alone is not a guarantee to selecting a compatible mode. If there are separate options for "RFC1483 bridged" and "RFC1483 routed" then the former is the correct option.
RFC1483 was obsoleted by RFC2684 but the older name is still found frequently in DSL modems.
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reply to leibold

Re: Modem died and dont want to rent

Hi Leibold,

It's traditional ADSL, 6-megabit "Elite" level. Not Fusion, and I don't plan to bond anything. Fusion unfortunately was not available in that area, or I would have gotten it.

I got the two because they were cheap, and it's good to have spares. OK, RFC1483 bridged. I just hope I can talk my guy out there through the setup, and not have to drive there ( it's a 2.5 hour drive....).

For what it's worth, I am fairly unhappy about Sonic's "rent the equipment" policy, but not unhappy enough to dump them. Tech support is still quite good. And yes, it does seem to apply to ordinary DSL, not just Fusion.

- Jerryk1234