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Bloomington, IN

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reply to slaws4

Re: iGuide A30

you are one of the trial participants (thats not true. i called comcast and the automated massage says that the guide has been updated in your area)
Can you post a reply and tell us your review of A30 and tell us what features and such that i have not listed that you noticed is new


Bloomington, IN

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reply to slaws4

ok checking to see how i can get it


reply to joejoejeo

I have these new features on my Motorola boxes here in Ft Wayne and I am not an employee. The zoom feature is kinda cool.


Bloomington, IN

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reply to andyross

i dont think so. When you enable remote DVR function that enables all the recording and series and scheduled recordings to be shown and streaming will be enabled. The completed recorded are uploaded to a server and then tagged to your account so you can play them back online.

Schaumburg, IL
reply to joejoejeo

Re: iGuide A30`

If they are going to stream video from the box to a remote device, that must mean they are going to enable the DOCSIS modem? I don't see any other way for them to do that.


Bloomington, IN

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iGuide A30

info between the stars(*) new info not from comcast
I have chatted with Comcast a few times and they told me that iGuide A30 is being released today to employees as a trial.
The document that this info comes from is Document ID# 1778675: "A30 Guide Overview - Job Aid"

This guide is currently only available for employee trial *(Seems like other people not just employees as noted by user slaws4)* in Fort Wayne, IN (50 participants), Springfield, MA (50 participants), and Portland, OR (2000 participants) at this time. Employees are to use the Employee Trial Portal to submit feedback/issues. Market Trial Launch Dates: Indiana - corps 9514 and 9551 (Fort Wayne DAC): August 28, 2012 Springfield, MA (Western New England Region): September 18, 2012 Portland, OR (OR & SW Washington Region): October 23, 2012. Other markets will be added as information becomes available.

Core Feature Enhancements:

Closed Captioning – Common set up options exposed within the on-screen program guide.
Where are Closed Captioning settings located?
Access to enable or disable the Closed Captioning settings is now available within the Main Menu of the on-screen program guide. To modify the Closed Captioning settings: Access the TV Guide Main Menu. Using the arrow keys to navigate to Setup and press OK/Select. Using the arrow keys to navigate to Closed Captioning Setup and press OK/Select. Using the remote control to modify the Closed Captioning and Background settings as needed and press OK/Select to confirm the settings. Note: The guide setup menu allows the customer only to turn on/off closed captioning and the captioning background. Additional settings such as Font size, Color, Service selection, etc. will require accessing use through the set top box diagnostics menu (accessed by pressing the power key to turn the set top box off and then followed by pressing the menu key on the set top box).

Help remote key enabled.

HD Zoom Feature on Motorola DCX Set-Top Boxes.

Updated "Saved Programs" delete message for Video On Demand.

Virtual Remote Control (feature) Ability to replicate these remote control commands: Pause Play FF Skip back 15 seconds Stop Ability to play a "FREE" VOD title. This will enable remote VOD tunes to behave just as if user made selection from a VOD info screen on the Set-Top Box. Previously customers needed to confirm the order with their remote.

Ability to directly play a completed recording from the customers DVR through your XFINITY TV online account.

VOD Direct Play and Virtual Remote Control features will be exclusive to the web portal version (www.xfinitytv.com) until the mobile app for iOS and Android are fully developed with those features and A30 is fully deployed. DVR Play functionality will be available once A30 is available to customers.

Enable complete remote control & tuning of Set Top Box and DVR from Mobile/Web app, focused primarily on eliminating the need for users to ever pick up their “traditional” remote. Enable remote tune attempts to be successful regardless of the state of the set-top box. Enable remote VOD tunes to behave just as if user made selection from a VOD info screen on the STB Extend remote tuning to include completed local DVR assets “Virtual Remote” capability to replicate remote control commands on Xfinity TV app.

Support for Xfinity TV app on DCT2000 family of set-tops

Ability to toggle graphic display of the on-screen program guide while watching TV in 3D mode.

There are a limited number of set top boxes that support graphic display of the on screen program guide. If you return the TV to 2D mode, the guide will display as expected. Supported set top boxes include: Motorola DCX Series Boxes and DVRs

Why did Comcast upgrade my guide?
Comcast upgraded your guide to provide you with enhancements to features including Closed Captioning, Help and Services, and MyDVR manager. We periodically perform these upgrades in order to continue to improve your cable television viewing experience.