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Re: [Eastern Ontario] Email malfunctioning

Hey Finner nope I'm still getting the same message on my Blackberry. My one email account came across overnight but the other one is still giving me the same error message on my BB. On a side note, the day before my email issues I received about 650 email messages that had been stored on the Cogeco server (all old and dated emails). I got 2 "dumps" of these old emails over the day...That was kind of strange



Still out in Niagara Falls. We were able to retrieve some emails but fromm only 1 of my 4 accounts. The outage form on the Cogeco website shows no issues. Someone needs to rectify this. I would suggest Cogeco also offer a credit to all it's affected customers. If Cogeco reps are reading this please investigate. 3 days is much too long to be without email. Especially for those who rely on email for work or emergency reasons.


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We did too - on all 4 accounts - at least 3 - 4 times over the week preceding the outage - I thought it was our Outlook - even went in to server and manually deleted older messages thinking there was a corrupt msg somewhere - strange thing was we have our server set to 5 days storage - there were messages from at least 10 to 12 days reappearing. But of course, when we called at that point - it was on 'our end' or 'our PC' or 'our router' - it never seems to be them - but in the end it always IS them.


reply to SteveE

Now that you mention the message dumps - my wife had the same thing happen late last week on her account - a very busy email account. Three days worth of deleted messages were resent to her. This happened once a while ago and it was suggested it was her mail client (Thunderbird) or an overloaded mailbox (TBird not deleting messages from the server often enough).