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Brooklyn, NY
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reply to norbert26

Re: will customers pay?

said by norbert26:

said by tmc8080:

when customers get hit with unexpected high bills, they will cancel their service leaving a bill in collections rather than pay hundreds to a greedy ISP..

and have toasted credit. Forget applying for a job, renting a car,renting a APT or house,buying a house and the like. The cable company WILL prevail.

While I won't list all all of the things a consumer can do.. one of them is challenge false and misleading billing.. when in dispute, they HAVE to take it off your credit report or you can SUE the creidt bureau AND the cable company.

Also, it's doubtful a cable company can ruin your life for a bill less that $1k... Most cable companies are not like the worst of the credit card companies (aka American Express).

Lastly, this metered billing will eventually blow up in the cable companies face because consumers will backlash against it and stop buying services from them. Bits of data are not like gasoline, providers can't gouge just because they feel like it and get away with it for an extended period of time, just watch (what happens). BTW, we're talking about wired services.. don't claim the duopoly in Cellco is a fair comparison, because it is not.. wireline has more regional companies and much more government oversight than wireless telecom (on the residentail consumer level).