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Pflugerville, TX

Porting my number away from Viatalk upon account expiration

I've been a Viatalk customer since the Sunrocket collapse, and I have been generally satisfied with the service despite occasional minor glitches. But I am also a very light phone user, and since I have a cell phone too, it's more economical for me to use that for everything than it is to maintain both services. So I plan to do that, and I'd like to port my current Viatalk number to the new cell phone provider when my current Viatalk account runs out, which is in the middle of January of next year.

I understand that to avoid a $50 disconnect charge, I need to notify Viatalk in a 14-day window before the account runs out, so I already plan to do that.

The other issue is the timing of the port. My new cell phone provider has this to say about how long that takes:

Prior to porting to us, please ensure your account is in an active status with your current provider. We will not charge you for porting in; however, you will need to ask your current provider if you will incur any charges from them when porting out.

From a Wire Line (Landline) Provider: Most port requests from wire line providers (e.g. landline, cable and VOIP companies) take five to ten business days, but can take up to forty-five business days. Port requests from wire line providers may take longer than their wireless counterparts because wire line companies must go through third party account verifications and schedule a disconnect before the number can be transferred.
So according to the above, the time it takes for the port depends mostly on the wire line provider. Of course, I'd like this transition to be as smooth as possible, so I called Viatalk support to ask them what kind of lead time they needed. The answer I got was "I can't answer that question. It all depends on the company you're porting to."

I'm a bit worried that if the port actually did take forty-five business days as in the worst-case scenario above, and if I hypothetically gave Viatalk the same 14-day notice as I will for notifying them that I'm not going to renew, my Viatalk account would become inactive before the completion of the port, leaving the port in limbo.

Any suggestions of what kind of lead time to provide? Does Viatalk charge for such a port? The Viatalk support person was completely unhelpful on this issue.

Just change plans at end of term to monthly plan. Then you don't have to worry about the 14 day window.

·Cincinnati Bell
·Time Warner Cable
Couple more options would be.

1. Start port now. Most Voip companies don't actually cancel account until notified. If VT complains and does bill termination fee at port refer them back to Viatalk tos.

The act of transferring a phone number to another provider does not constitute the cancellation of an account. In the event of an outbound phone number transfer you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to contact ViaTalk LLC in the form of a customer service ticket.

2. Add second number to viatalk and port the one you want out now. Kill account in 14 day window.


Pflugerville, TX

I guess I will just wait until the account is near 45 business days from its termination and start the port then (beginning of November), just to be safe.


Pflugerville, TX
Well, I just found these interesting tidbits on the FCC web site. It looks like the FCC requires the transfer to be done in one business day. I wonder why there is so much conflicting information?

said by FCC :
The Porting Period

The FCC has changed its number porting rules to shorten the porting period for “simple” ports from the current four days to one business day. The new deadline applies to all simple ports, including “intermodal” ports such as wireline to wireless, wireless to wireline, wireline or wireless to VoIP or any other combination. Simple ports generally do not involve more than one line or more complex adjustments to telephone switching equipment. Wireline, wireless and interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers are required to meet this new, simple port deadline, which will take effect in late summer 2010 for most carriers. Small, rural carriers have a longer period, until the beginning of 2011, to meet the new porting deadline.

During Porting

If you port from a wireline phone to a wireless phone, there may be a period of “mixed service” – when you essentially have two telephones with the same number. Ask your new wireless company whether you will be able to continue using your current wireline number during the one day transfer process. Also, if you port from a wireline phone to a wireless phone, your wireline long distance company will not move with you. Your long distance service will generally be provided by your new wireless company, but you should verify this with the new wireless company before changing service providers.

PX Eliezer70
Hutt River
said by andy_c:

It looks like the FCC requires the transfer to be done in one business day. I wonder why there is so much conflicting information?

I have done a large number of ports of all types [POTS, Wireless, Voip (multiple), Cable VoIP....]

Except for wireless-to-wireless ports, the FCC rule is pure fantasy.

Pure fantasy.

Most VoIP providers will (correctly) tell you: 10 to 30 days, and my experience has generally been 8 to 16 days.


Pflugerville, TX
Thanks PX. I'll be sure to leave plenty of time then.


I recently ported from verizon fios digital voice to pageplus cellular prepaid. I made the port request on a tuesday at 8pm. the port was complete by thursday 8am.


Pflugerville, TX
Thanks rwj. I'm headed for pageplus as well.