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BRB Face Melting

reply to DarkLogix

Re: The end to not so great era is today!

Taking something seriously doesn't necessarily mean you have to dedicate every waking hour to it. Trust me, there is plenty of time in the day to be serious about raiding and to accomplish whatever else it is that you would like to do. Dare I say, millions juggle real life and "hardcore" raiding...it is possible.

The point of this ridiculous argument is that the revamped talent trees absolutely do not prevent a player from choosing from several different builds that are reasonably competitive. However, there is, and always will be a 'good', 'better', and 'best' way to do things.

The 'good' will never equal the potential of the 'better' or 'best', and the players who realize and understand this will be getting realm/server/world first achievements. The players who don't...well, won't.
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Blizz is making it more about the player then the class.

So the ones getting those firsts will be the ones that have a dedicated crew of good players. The "ideal" builds will be on sites but the ideal build might not be ideal for the person's play style or for the group's comp/style.

Ya bring the player not the class but it's moving toward making the class less important and losing some of what makes one class more interesting to play over another.

As for "taking something seriously" I've accepted that unless I alter the time I get home I won't be able to run with a truly serious group.

Though I might gquit because my current guild isn't planning to raid MoP riads for atleast a month and by then T14.5 might be about to be out.

And I'm fairly sure that the #1 guild won't be accepting pugs into their runs for some time after MoP hits while they get the server firsts.