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Manchester, NH

issues accessing iTunes store? please test and post results

Itunes store error
I am seeing a huge problem with Itunes store and Fairpoint. In the workplace, we have both Fairpoint FAST and Comcast.

The Comcast connection works perfectly with the Itunes app and accessing the itunes store.

The Fairpoint connection fails. I open the itunes app and click on "store". It never comes back or it comes back with a network error. (see error attached).

I am interested if others using Fairpoint can open itunes and click on "store" to see if it comes right up or if it drags and possibly fails to come up.

Traceroutes are misleading with itunes. On Fairpoint, it routes me through above.net to New York. On comcast, it internally routes to Mass.

After that, traceroute must be blocked-- no results are shown for both ISPs.

Thanks for helping test this!