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reply to Jowmu

Re: will customers pay?

said by Jowmu:

why is any company, that is doing business to MAKE money, always called the "greedy xxxx(fill in the blank)xxxx company? So I guess capitalism is just based on greed. Some of you guys must be part of the OWS crowd. sheesh.

greed, captialism, free markets.. these are just terms..
apparently you've been napping a decade or more... massive deregulation and overt changes to the national and global economies have put new kinds of ideas in the heads of people who run corporations.. and they have now become an enemy of the consumer in many, many ways.. SOME more than others..

profits are one thing.. OBSCENE profits are quite another. take the world record profits of OIL companies as a prime example. well, if OIL companies can do it.. why not telecom, why not cell phone companies, insurance companies, government, all pile in grabbing that last dollar and ... the lowly workers? can't get fair compensation for a fair days work... that is OBSCENE... and policies like USAGE BASED BILLING go right to the heart of the matter.. when the costs are getting lower, prices seem to go higher unjustiably so.. when prices on phone service and video service go higher, you have choices.. when your monopoly & duopoly ISP goes up? you're gonna be stuck stringing your own can of fiber (and that's IF they let you)... 'cause there aint' no other choice..

The internet was founded by government and then handed over to for profit businesses to resell to residential and business customers. If ISPs think they can turn data into a slot machine or a gasoline pump and rig pricing so they can earn record "OBSCENE" profits.. government regulation has an answer for that eventually.. and so do consumers.