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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Upgraded my speed.... now have issues

I upgraded my speed tier with Uverse internet from 6.0 to the 12.0 package it just became available a few days ago. When i moved here back at the end of june i had to switch my dsl service to Uverse and the fastest speed they had at my new apartment was 6.0.

12.0 speed became available a few days ago. I upgraded last nite around 730 played on computer for 30minutes everything seemed fine.

Now all this morning/afternoon that i'm on the computer and aware of what is happening i'm constantly dropping my connection. Broadband light will start blinking green while the service light is off. The broadband light goes solid green .......service light sometimes does a quick red blink (50percent of the time) but usually then after the broadband synchs up then the service light blinks green really fast and then goes solid.

This is happening every like 15-20 minutes or so.

I'm wondering if they upgraded me to a speed they werent actually ready to roll out in my neighborhood b/c like i said with my 6.0 speed since the end of june not one single issue.

I have the Motorola NVG510 gateway.

Also maybe this is a south florida issue b/c we had 800000 people without power yesterday and i'm wondering maybe if ATT is doing work.

Already called tech support he reset what internet port i was on it looked like it had resolved the issue b/c when i was talking to him the connection was going on and off fast and furious now it's back to the 15-20 intermittent drop,

The tech guy said if it continues they need to send tech out but crap if it's the speed and my area isnt actually ready for it i'd just rather downgrade back to 6.0.

Also anyone experience problems when they upgraded to higher speeds or are higher speeds prone to more issues?