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Your number works properly, and we tested this along with you by configuring your DID in "echo test" and also with call forwarding to an external number.

You replied to us letting us know these worked fine, so the issue that we have been trying to diagnose with you is regarding your registration attempts, where you report that your OBI drops the registration on your Nokia telephone too.

Regarding the reliability of the service with your 3G connection which we have indicated is not the best option for VoIP due to the latency of these type of connections and many variables on the side of the cell phone provider. You have confirmed that the service works properly when your NOKIA phone is using WIFI, this suggests the issues arise only when using your 3G service.

Regarding the technical support, yesterday you had a 2 hour chat session along with a technical support supervisor who also ran a trace to the server you were connecting to, and we saw that your OBI device was trying to connect however sent too many INVITE requests.

After a search, we have no record whatsoever of you accessing our live chat today at all we your last two chats took place yesterday (11:45 AM, 12:59 AM), but we do have a record of your calls to our toll free that were answered by our staff and your ticket was also updated today.

We will gladly keep working in order to assist with the issues you experience registering your OBI device at home, however regarding the 3G connection as mentioned previously it can work reliably at some or most times, however there are more variables that do not allow us to guarantee an optimal performance with these connections.

We believe we have acted in good faith and have been upfront about the service offered.

We will keep working with your existing ticket, which is being handled by a supervisor.

Thank you
Peter Sahui - VoIP.ms
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