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Oceanside, NY

[IMG] IMG Guide Thumbnail Chaptering Issue

Hey everyone, recently I have been having this weird problem that developed over the past week on all four of my DVR's.. it has to do with the IMG Guide thumbnail chaptering not working on certain channels meaning that on channel 504 NBC there are no thumbnails for any recorded show all I get is an error saying that there is no thumbnail available were as if I record something on channel 752 Nick I see the thumbnails.. I called up the Fiber Solutions Center and I was on the phone for about an hour and a half with no progress made.. basically they reset the box with a warm reset, cold init, cable card init reset after they did all these resets they informed me that it wasn't there problem and that the thumbnails were provided not from Verizon but from the content provider this I am having a hard time believing since I was under the impression that the box software was indexing the program by itself and was providing the thumbnails. After I got that piece of info I called again an a different representative informed me that there was an outage that could be affecting this feature but he was not shore because the outage listed only VOD... I don't know how to proceed with this as of right now I have turned off chaptering in the IMG and I am going to try leaving it off for a day I don't want to have to keep redoing my settings because tech support keeps reinitializing my boxes.. I am writing this because I wan't to know if anyone else has had this problem develop.


Glen Burnie, MD
I am not having that problem, but have seen something else. Chaptering time does not match show time. I record a show. Then want to jump to the middle as I watched part of it live. Pick the chapter at say 30 minutes in to an hiur show. It starts at the beginning. Going 10 minutes later is 10 minutes in to the show. End up being more chapters than the show is long.


reply to Oceanside426
Yes have had the problem. Everyone does. It does not work 100% of the time. Don't waste your time getting Verizon to try and fix it, it will be just like the CID issue. You can still jump to specific sections of your recording, just without the thumbnail image.


Oceanside, NY
yeah going through Verizon is driving me nuts... it just bugs me that a week ago it was working perfectly I don't know what changed. I wish there was just an official FiosTV Tivo.