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Houlton, ME

Copyright infrignment from sony?

am currently borrowing internet from my neighbors to play wow and talk to friends on facebook/steam but apparently they got a copyright complaint from sony (i dont know if its real or they are making up excuses to kick me off the internet)

They claim the ISP stated me by name because i was downloading copyrighted stuff from sony but i wasn't all i been doing the last 2 months is play WoW with my buddies on Molten-WoW so i don't know why or where this is coming from. Furthermore why would they even know my name?, account is in my neighbors name and mine is not anywhere on there.

My neighbors claim that the ISP said and i quote "Philip ***** is downloading sony copyrighted material" How would they even know my name how. But one thing that i did notice is my neighbors when i questioned them changed their story 3 or 4 times first one was (we haven't even been connected to the internet for last few days which is a total lie i seen the names of their computers in the router and in WMP homegroup plus my brother said they were playing CoD online every day for past month, Also when i asked them what exactly was i supposedly downloading they couldn't give me any details plus they claim ISP called them (i was under the impression that they would get a letter in the mail). plus the internet has been painfully slow for the last week and a half.

so is this real or is it an excuse to kick me off? (yes i pay them 20 bucks a month)

fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
Let them show you the letter.


Houlton, ME
they never got one only a phone call or so they claim

Their network, their internet connection, they can kick you off for any reason they feel like. You're right that they're BSing you, but that's most likely because they just can't bring themselves to say " 'cause we said so." You said it was really slow recently; they may be assuming it's because of you downloading or torrenting, legally or not.

They want you off. Get off. The reason is irrelevant.



Lansing, MI
reply to philhalo66
Besides, isn't it against most ISP terms of service to share connections? Maybe they realized this and want you off their connection.

Cleveland, TN
reply to philhalo66
theres practicly no way there isp could know if it was you or them or whoever is behind the connection downloading stuff

assuming he did get such a call maybe he had an open wifi or weak encyption etc and he just assumed it was you

they probably want to get you off there internet since they are playing cod and your slowing down there connection