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1.20.09 The start of Socialism
Columbia, TN
reply to The E

Re: Too many connections?

said by The E:

said by Borad:

For a three way splitter, I'd have to buy 100 more feet of cable (in part because I already cut my current 100 feet to the length I had planned to need) and I'd have to run two parallel cables through about 30 feet of my apartment, or run one of them a different ugly way, or build custom molding for a doorway.

Ahh, OK, that makes sense. To answer your original question, you're only going to be down 7dB on the modem and one STB. In most cases this is perfectly acceptable. Of course, it really does depend on the quality and strength of your input. Although it's preferred to have the modem on the strongest leg, if your signal strength is sufficient you'll have no worries.

(FYI: I'm an installer for one of Canada's largest Cable/Internet/Telephone providers. We focus on our craft and pride ourselves on high quality installations. )

That is what I said ;/
everyone is born ignorant. some are born stupid, others achieve stupidity and the rest have stupidity thrust upon them.