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This is a sub-selection from I don't use 2gb.

Fur It Up

Portland, OR
reply to whiteshp

Re: I don't use 2gb.

Make me wonder how you fair in the third world or in a Amish community.
You it is an utility but like all utilities it is not an entitlement. Ask anybody had their utilities cut off for no payment. Where were you in 1969, I was grow up without computers a son of Black man was the fist to go to college, a grand son of a sharecropper and form a family line of slave in rural Virginia . Guss what I know my family history before there was and internet.
Nether the utility means others have to provide the way you want it, some even provide the own utilities by digging a well or putting up a few solar panels
You can change you way you work and live if you do not have internet. . Beside with so many free hotspots I think you point is moot.