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reply to Name Game

Re: Warning: 0-Day vulnerability in Java 7

said by Name Game:

I doubt they can whacked it in XP on chrome sandbox no matter what is claimed they can do

this vulnerability seems different from what is normally seem..

thinking about it, from what i read, the vulnerability functions in a way that is similar to what was done when "chrome" was "pwned" by "vupen", not too long ago, where they were able to run code in a place where it wasn't suppose to be able to run..

from what i read about the vulnerability, i got the impression that someone just overlooked something, in the coding, making "java" vulnerable to being exploited..

in the past, google has been pretty quick to respond to problems with chrome.. (incidentally, it seems like there have been a whole hell of a lot of patches for chrome, lately).. if google is serious about having a secure browser, i think they should promptly "kick out" a java-free version of chrome.. or, using their "cloud" remote-control, nuke "java", instead..one or the other, if they are serious about having a secure browser..