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Los Angeles, CA
reply to Metatron2008

Re: Who copied who?

said by Metatron2008:

Buyers remorse? I got the thing because I am a ios developer, not because I blindly believe everything Steve Jobs tells me. Go bark up somebody else's tree.

But you were the one who started with emotional response and attached a dumb picture but failed to address the issue mentioned by the previous poster.

said by Metatron2008:

And are you really that blind that you cant see the similarity of that Digital Frame to the ipad? if you think it's 70% too then there is nothing further to discuss as you are obviously blind as hell.

Did I assign that 70% similarity value? No
Did I say ipad does not look like samsung digital frame? No

said by Metatron2008:

See, this is the emotion I feel reading your vomit that you call your post:

Really? Is posting dumb pictures the only thing you are good at?

said by Metatron2008:

You say I'm full of emotions, you are full of mindless assumptions and are apparantly too stupid to understand that some people are just jackasses and can insult without feelings. Go cry to mommy, maybe she has some emotions boy.

And look at that! I just called myself a jackass! Obviously due to emotion right? I mean dirty word! Obviously if you curse it's due to emotion!

There ya go, some more assumptions for you to make with your next vomit of a post.

This is getting childish..
(How old are you anyway? Your profile says you are 30 years old but ..... Okay. I will stop there.).

Okay. I apologize for making fun of you using imac.

Now read carefully.

The main reason i posted a reply to you was because you failed to address the galaxy s issue jx2000 brought up (and also because your reply to him was rather rude).

(Normally i don't like to get involved with these discussion threads involving android and apple users precisely because of the type of replies both you and I have seen from each other, but seeing you posted that "fandroid huh" picture as part of your sarcastic reply was just too much to resist).

If you disagree with what jx2000 posted regarding galaxy s and iphone 3gs, please post a proper reply and address issue without cursing or name calling.

If you disagree with anyone at all concerning any issues, layout your thoughts logically without any cursing or name calling.

Can you post a proper reply to jx2000 and address the similarity between galaxy s and iphone 3gs ?