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Warwick, RI

[Pricing] downgraded to the $34.99 plan

I dropped to the lower tier plan to see if there would be a bad degrade or if i could get away with and save $15 a month. I am not noticing any real hit on performance except the upload when uploading several pictures was a tad slow. Since i don't upload pictures every day i can live with that. Download was acceptable and netflix still ran fine. Slacker audio no hit on performance. speed test from speak easy 1.8mb down 531kb up. Its only me on this with one computer and one iPod touch rest of the household is on the DSL connection.

Formerly known as schja01.
Morton Grove, IL
I started on the $34.99 plan and after 3 days upgraded to the $49.99 plan and ran with it until 3 days before the month ended. I called and downgraded back to $34.99 and it's perfectly OK for my purposes. Clear never charged me for the 24 days I was on the faster plan. They just billed $34.99 for the entire month. FWIW.

Warwick, RI
reply to norbert26
UPDATE: Since this posting i lost my backup 1 meg DSL connection due to telco error they disconnected it. As of this posting Clear is my only internet provider. When the DSL went out and i realized what happened i pushed clear back up to the normal tier . I moved the few devices that were using the dSL over to clear so the entire household is now on clear . Since 8/31/2012 all has held up fine with the load even during a bad storm with bad downpours and boomers signal dropped to one light for a while but held !