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Frequent Internet Disconnects / Packet Loss - Help me Dan?

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I know Internet problems are hard to diagnose and it sucks. I swear I have so many disconnect issues over the past year and some just fix themselves over time.

I honestly think WOW_Dan can help better then any tech. Every tech just comes to the house and says "looks okay" and leaves. Of course it looks okay, the outages are for a brief time. Man I hate tech support :P - I've even had techs blow us off and never even place a call to get something done... how lame!

For the past month, the internet service has been horrible. Our phones will go dead and our internet will go dead. TV is the only thing that lives.

It all started around August 10th, it was around 11pm at night and suddenly everything dropped internet. I figured it was no big deal, rebooted the router and modem. Didn't help. I did however notice some programs begin to connect and loose connection, repeating the same loop multiple times over the course of seconds. Webpages would simply NOT load. Checked with pingtest.net and doing pings over CMD, LOTS AND LOTS OF PACKET LOSS. Left it go over night, problem was fixed by morning. Great.

Another problem that we've had ever since we got this new modem with the 30/3 speed is that our modem reboots, ALOT. I don't know if its actually full on rebooting but I know everytime it "reboots" the event log shows that the telephony status was reconnected or whatever, and my router looses wan for a few minutes before realizing the modem is alive again. If I force a renew on the router, it reconnects instantly - but again, very bad issue if I'm in the middle of a game.

Anyways, todays problem was kind of the last straw before getting some actual help. I once again had the problem I experienced on August 10th, most applications dropped internet, some still connected. Some webpages loaded, some didn't. Reboots didn't fix anything - once again an issue that resolved itself after 4 hours of me going crazy in a world without functional internet :P

I've troubleshooted the router, it's simply not the routers fault. I can be plugged right into the modem and this stuff still happens.

I've been thinking of just getting Ultra TV and hoping that that'll resolve everything, but I'm not sure. I really want to stay away from it because I literaly cannot go without strong wireless and setting DHCP reservations, it's VERY IMPORTANT that I have a static IP for my media server - I'm under the impression this feature is bugged in the latest ultra tv firmware.

I kind of miss my old DOCSIS 2 telephony modem, I had that one for years and there was never a drop besides area outages.

Just to let you know, we have had signal problems here in the past, never with the modem though - it's always been the TV. We had a booster but it was unhooked last winter because I guess we were getting "too" much signal.

I put a picture of the signal levels in a attachment to this post incase you need to look at it. I'm not sure if this is normal or not, but everytime I refresh the page, almost all of the numbers are changing alot.

Sorry for the massive wall of text - It's just something I really need help with because it's driving me and my family insane. Internet is very important.


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Also, if its of any help, here is what my power levels look like during the day, compared to at night when all of the problems happen (see above)

Naperville, IL
Can you send me a private message with your account number or phone number, so I can take a look at everything?


reply to Puremin0rez
Just sent you it. Thanks Dan.


This seems to be occurring frequently. I have had the same problem since I joined WOW two weeks ago: random Internet and phone disconnects throughout the day. The tech has come out several times and cannot troubleshoot the issue. They have replaced the outside line, the modem...and the issue remains.

I agree. It's frustrating. I cannot stand Comcast, but it may be my only option if this continues. I'm hoping it's simply an area network issue that can be resolved quickly.