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Grand Rapids, MI

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Re: 5 Design Tricks FB Uses To Affect Your Privacy Decisions

When you add a Facebook application, it has access to nothing until:
1) the application pops up a dialog box to ask you for specific permissions
2) you agree to those permissions

Most apps will ask for "Basic Information" which is: name, profile picture, gender, networks, User ID, list of friends, and public information (any information you've made public / open to everyone).

If you want to see information available about you through our Graph API, ht tps://graph.facebook.com/[User ID or Username]?metadata=1 just type into your browser.

For me it comes up "false" since none of my info is set for public or open to everyone. You can check your own if you have a facebook account. So as long as facebook gives users a page for "privacy setting" and lets you use it effectively..I will stay with facebook.
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zichrona livracha

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I've got a facebook account with minimum capability - no apps, no personal information, a grand total of 7 "friends". It's handy when I want to go to a news or local law enforcement page for information.

I've got a twitter account, but don't remember the login information since I haven't used it for so long.

I find LinkedIn useful since many of my past colleagues are in it. I've reconnected with a few of my favorites, and even had a couple of reminiscing lunches and idea swaps. I still don't put a lot of information on it, and don't get a sh*tload of junk mail related to people I never heard of wanting to "connect".