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This is a sub-selection from 10TB?


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Re: 10TB?

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You know they don't seem to be enforcing it. One rep said they won't on this. I don't know but its way beyond my needs anyway. I have all my music and pictures backed up there and my wife's documents. Total about about 40 gigs so far. Its not an issue for me as I won't exceed 250 gigs a month anyway.

Last night I backed up my Garmin GPS at about 6 gigs. It took about 5 hrs since upload is much slower( 4Mps). So up loading 10 TB would be a time problem. LOL

It so far is a nice surprise that I didn't expect much from. Their program seems to work well and it even has the storage cloud acting like a system drive so you can drag and drop files into it and it automatically uploads it. Plus they have an automatic backup program that works much like windows automatic backup.

It is serving as my redundant off site backup that I have been looking for. And with Triple play it free to boot.

Here's how it shows in the Windows Explorer window:

BTW I used to read you a lot when you were active on the Millinium board.
This is a sub-selection from 10TB?