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reply to Seaboogers

Re: To understand

said by Seaboogers:

said by milkman82:

new to the table. They have copied LG in appliances, LG on tv's and Apple on phone style even down to colors Apple picked (white & black)

They copied "Apples Colors"....seriously? So now Apple has a patent on black and white phones?

Wow...just wow.

I dont recall Apple saying they had a patent on the colors... Dunno how you got that. If you actually read what I said they copied the same color scheme as Apple. I mean it's sad enough Samsung has to make the phone identical as they possible could without actually making an exact identical model. However, that was not enough. Apple was known for the iconic move here is the phone in white also! Then oh my, look how has Samsung has to follow in Apple's footsteps AGAIN. I mean it would be a downright miracle if Samsung could even do something so simple as pick a different color scheme.

The part that cracks me up is Apple obviously wins the court case and will probably still use Samsung for parts. Makes Samsung look like a little bitch! LOL