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This is a sub-selection from No!


Fairfield, TX
reply to jin

Re: No!

I've learned in dealing a lot of tech support situations, you need to take charge. Especially if you know exactly what you need done. For good or for ill, reps follow a script, but that script usually either doesn't solve my problem or takes 2 hours to solve it when I can just say 'Hey, could you just do X and see if that clears it up?'. Most of the time they are delighted to break the monotony and sometimes learn a thing or two. Like with the 1704 firmware update that only tier 2 seemed to know about. I troubleshoot for a living and hobby and have usually narrowed down my issues to a very short list long before I bother picking up a phone, so my support experience is vastly different than your average joe.
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Hazard, KY
I've just been waiting for a latency issue repair in my area.

Been waiting around 10 months now.
This is a sub-selection from No!