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This is a sub-selection from I don't use 2gb.

Greenville, TX
reply to 88615298

Re: I don't use 2gb.

Because I don't like you assuming why I do things. Putting words into my mouth, or giving me your reasoning for my actions..

I do use a decent bit - 4gb - and I'm sure i might be able to do that with my 3G if I so desired (No 4g here yet.) However, the reason I hold on so tightly to unlimited is so I don't have to worry about my data, man! I don't like having to set a "budget" on the bandwidth that I consume.

As far as he complaints go; I'm not sure.. I never do my purchasing from a corporate store, so I don't know if that's corporate or the resellers doing that. I've never had any push to get me off of unlimited through a store - which is kind of surprising, to be honest.

As far as it goes - I understand most people don't have WiFi available... however, I do, and I still like my unlimited. If I didn't have WiFi available, I would cling to it until the life leaves my hands, haha.

Also, I agree with your last statement in full; 4G is awesome, but if you can blaze through it (my usage was including 4G when I lived in an area that had it, however, the area im in now doesn't have it).