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reply to rcdailey

Re: Warning: 0-Day vulnerability in Java 7

said by rcdailey:

I have found that if Java is disabled by way of the Java console, then it does not work in Chrome. Chrome comes with its own version of Flash, but not Java, so far as I can see. If it did, then why would it not work when Java is disabled in the Java console? There are plugins for Java in Chrome, so it is possible to disable Java in Chrome without disabling Java completely or uninstalling Java. I did not want to uninstall Java so that is why I disabled it via the console as well as disabling the plugins.

OK, rcdailey.. i saw another article, somewhere, recently, where it was talking about disabling "java" because of another vulnerability that it had and the article said to use the "java" settings that can be accessed from windows "control panel" to disable it, and also to disable it in the chrome-browser's settings-options, so that was where i got the idea that chrome had its own version of "java" which could only be disabled from within chrome's settings-options.. i don't use "chrome" so i am not familiar with it..

i wish i could remember where i saw that article that talked about disabling "java", but i can't remember where i saw it..

Rialto, CA
Yeah, and it happens that I had looked quickly at IE8 and disabled the two loaded Java plugins, but initially missed the other two. I had to disable them as well, at least if I did not disable Java in the control panel. I also mistakenly referred to the Java console, but it is the Java panel in Windows settings where Java can be disabled. It's probably smarter, if you or I really don't intend to use Java, to simply uninstall it completely. That way it really would not be possible for it to be compromised. However, maybe Oracle will fix the vulnerability and I do like to use the Java speed test here.
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