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reply to DrDrew

Re: Warning: 0-Day vulnerability in Java 7

said by DrDrew:

Mele20 have you ever tweaked the RWIN and other TCP settings on your XP computer

i was wondering the same thing.. i imagine that mele already considered tweaking the TCP/IP settings on her computer..

i tried using some utility, years ago, to tweak the TCP/IP settings on my computer and it make a pretty big difference.. i went from download-speeds of about 2.7 MBPS to about 8 MBPS.. (it was advertized as having a 3 MBPS download-speed).. that was years ago.. with my current connection, i would say i get 20 MBPS.. somtimes the speed-tests show that i am getting 30 MBPS, if i do the tests late at nite..

i use "roadrunner" and their system will throttle-back my connection speed when i am doing speed-tests.. it is advertised as having an 8 MBPS download-speed..

i was going to attach a reg-file that i use to tweak the TCP/IP settings on my computer but it might not be appropriate for other computers so i didn't attach it..