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reply to Metatron2008

Re: Who copied who?

said by Metatron2008:

Bombed? If I did I wouldn't care. I am a body builder, and a martial artist. I used to get picked on as a kid, and I overcame all obstacles. Very few things actually get on my nerves, although you were starting on the road of one (Assuming things about me is a pet peeve of mine).

I literally have a very deep gritty voice. I can tell you horrible things and laugh about it. Sorry..

Sorry to hear that. It sounds like you have a very tough life as a child.. Hopefully whoever bullied before you got their negative karma already.

said by Metatron2008:

I'll answer you though. I'd say the ipad to frame is 98% percent similar, and the 3gs to galaxy s is around 80-90%. I did own the 3g and my bro owned the 3gs.

Although I don't own any smartphones but many of my friends have iPhones or high end Android phones so I have had plenty of opportunity to play with them in the last few years.

I still think that the "exterior design" of Galaxy S and iPhone 3GS is very similar. Perhaps saying 95% similarity is too much but definitely 90%.

The exterior similarity is almost as much as the similarity between a Toyota FT-86 and a Subaru BRZ but Toyota and Subaru collaborated on the design of their cars together.

Like automobiles which are basically metal chasis with four wheels, phones with rectangular and rounded corner shape can have many different and unique exterior designs. So "trade dress" if what we are talking about here.

If Lexus creates a near duplicate of any BMW car and slaps on a Lexus logo, I'm sure that BMW would sue them. I mean if you are the CEO of BMW, you would want to sue them. Right?

But in reality no Lexus looks like BMWs. And certainly no Toyota Tercel or Echo look like BMWs. Yet, they are all metal chasis with four wheels.

My point was that close similiarty between Galaxy S and iPhone 3GS has left an impression that Samsung is copycat even though their other Android phones have shown less similarity to iPhone. The Galaxy brand became popular after sales of Galaxy S exploded. There is no reason to think that sales of Galaxy S phones were not fueled by its "iPhone 3GS" like exterior design. There were Android phones from HTC and Motorola with similar spec but they did not have sales volume anywhere close to Samsung. Indeed, Galaxy S was a very popular Android phone when it was released. Few of my friends bought Galaxy S over other Android phones because they like its design. In fact they all acknowledged Galaxy S looks like iPhone 3GS and they were happy to see that because the don't want to be locked in to the iPhone platform.

Of course, that is just my opinion so you may disagree.