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Re: What about Wifi

Their not, it's just wireless data that counts towards a user's cap. my wireless vs wifi usage looks similar to yours, I have my phone set to autoconnect to wifi at home and at work to save me from my cap.

I'm a perfect example, on Verizon LTE i used to use 6 - 8 GB a month because I was on unlimited data, then they decided that you can't get an upgrade subsidy and keep unlimited data, so they lost me as a customer and I'm now paying less than half for unlimited voice, text and 2GB of data. If I'm going to be forced into a cap I wanted a big savings.

I've been able to work it out, by using wifi now I use between 1 and 1.7GB a month and the rest of my traffic is offloaded to wifi, my phone says about 5GB right now for this month.

Lesson: when people are forced into tiered or capped data plans they learn to adjust, that doesn't mean they wouldn't use more if they didn't have to worry about overages. I beat you'll see t-mobile's numbers shoot up fast after they go unlimited, Sprint's numbers aren't that high because their current network is so slow.