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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to XenithOrb

Re: How do you backup your local data?

said by XenithOrb:

You'd fit right in with another guy I know. We both feel the same as you. I think he's about your age as well.

Younger people don't seem to care about their privacy, even tech people, so long as their iPhone works and they superficially get what they want.

Um yea...I figure I'll worry about privacy for everyone who can't or won't and at least present the information for everyone to digest. But its more than just privacy. Clouds have been known to collapse and backups fail...even the oober redundant oh we can never fail have failed and failed badly. You will note in the terms of service that little hold harmless clause wrapped in all sorts of chocolatey legal speak. There better more cost effective ways that keep you in complete control of your digital destiny and thats what I will highlight here.
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