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This is a sub-selection from I don't use 2gb.

Carpentersville, IL
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Re: I don't use 2gb.

said by amarryat:

said by plencnerb:

I would think the other option to avoid the data plan fee is get a phone that is not a smartphone. Why have a smartphone if all you want is to make voice calls anyway?


The calendar.

I took a look at my LG Phone (model# LG325G), and it has a calendar in it, and my phone is not a smart phone. So, if you do some research, you can get a non-smartphone with a calendar in it. I know I'll never use it, but it looks like I can add appointments, birthdays, events, and so on. Seems like it does everything a calendar should do. It probably has a way to give an alert too when an event comes up to help remind you about it.

--Brian Plencner

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