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Salem, NH

[Connectivity] SMC Gateway dropping LAN connection

So I have been having the strangest issues as of late. I recently got a new Comcast provided wireless gateway. SMC model smcd3gnv. I am having no problems with my wireless devices.

Problem is my LAN connection drops for no reason and I get no signal between the modem and devices. Is it possible for the router to kill a cable or perhaps a cable kill a port on the modem?

I bought a brand new cat5e cable and everything was working fine for about week when suddenly my network connectivity would drop and I couldn't ping the modem. Sometimes the connectivity would come back on its own but sometimes it will not without resetting the router. I have tried a different cable on different ports along with a different laptop and have had the same results.

I am a bit stumped. I have heard these modems are not very good as far as wireless but I am have no problem at all with wireless or range.

This morning I brought the cable that I bought new a few weeks ago to the office and tried it from there and it again it failed to give me an IP address. I know the port is live because I swapped out a good cable and when the new one didn't work I swapped back and I was fine.

My assumption is either the modem killed the cable or the cable killed the modem. One other thing to note is this is a Cat5e and all the others I tried are old Cat5.

One last note I did try resetting the modem back to factory and it did not help/
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