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[HN9000] HughesNet HN9000 dish pointing....

I have a Hughes Net HN9000 system, I was recently looking at the directions my dish is pointing, I found what my coordinates should be and everything seams to be right except the Skew, could this be a problem or would it not affect signal strength?

The coordinates i found show my dish should be pointed as follows, Azimuth 207°, Elevation 40.2° and Skew -20.6°
Dish is pointed as follows, Azimuth 207°, Elevation 40.2° and Skew +20.6°

My signal strength is normally around 150-160 and Normal Power Word around 42-45.

If I turn my dish to -20.6° will I get better NPW?

I am in South Central PA.


Altavista, VA
+20 degrees is the average skew. do not change it. -20 is incorrect

heeby jeeby

koas is 100% correct, +20 is absolutely correct. a little less westward towards Pittsburgh, little more eastwards towards jersey.


Francestown, NH
Where do you find the parameters for azimuth, elevation, skew in the 9000 admin pages? I didn't see anything obvious other than this:

SQF at azimuth 1 position: 87
SQF at elevation 1 position: 90
Max SQF during AP: 191
AP pass/fail flag: Pass

SQF at azimuth 2 position: 86
SQF at elevation 2 position: 91
SQF Center1: 188
SQF at final position: 181

Or do I have to find them on satbeams.com.

Any info on which sattelite I'm on now with 9000? I'm in southern NH.

thanks in advance for any info

I'm asking because I'm planning on upgrading to GEN4 soon and want to see if I need to find a new place for my dish, there's a bit of a narrow window to where I'm pointing now.


Reno, NV
There is only one satellite for the 9000 and that is Spaceway3