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Howell, NJ

Wierd Text messages

for the past few days my sister is getting wired txt messages. there is no number saying were its coming from and instead it says root@tbtpadb5.corp.local as the sender. and its all random news. she hasnt signed up for anything and doesnt know where this is coming from. anyone else ever see this before on know where it might be coming from



it's an email address probably using verizons vtext.com host. It looks like a local email. Does she work for a corporation or university She may want to contact them.

root means owner of the unix server
tbtpad5 probably means a server
corp is usually stands for corporate inside an intranet.
local usually means this came from a local host in the hosts file


Howell, NJ
thanks for the info.

she doesnt work for a corporation or going to school.

So if tbtpad5 is the server is there anyway to trace this


I don't think there is a way to trace it because it's local to some network. This likely didn't go through the internet because it is corp
.local which is specially used within a corporation. The tbtpadb5 is the computer on the network that is sending it. try reading the random news to find out where it is coming from but the best bet is to call verizon wireless and ask them if they are using the vtext gateway. You can then trace it by ip address.


united state
reply to nyrrule27
get verizon to block that computer or it may be some one messing with your device to send spam.