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Tavistock NJ
reply to Alex J

Re: How about looking at GOP platform

said by Alex J :

There's nothing in the document but a bunch of fluff and bullshit, like all political documents from both parties. I'll rely on actual history to tell me who I should believe, thanks -- and it shouldn't be politicians with a generation of lies under their belt.

That's fine. But also don't believe bloggers & commentators with their own history of distorting reality to further their own agendas - like a lot of these so-called consumer protection groups that are just shills for more gov't control of everything..

Alex J


with their own history of distorting reality

But you're pretty clearly ok with politicians doing this, based on your incredible enthusiastic support for the GOP candidate. The same candidate who won't disclose the specifics behind his campaign because he knows people won't like it. Your post above takes a GOP document and acts as if its a gospel beyond critical thinking entirely.

It's fascinating that everybody in this country screams and cries about distortion, or bias when something doesn't fit their (usually very narrow) world view, but is utterly incapable of seeing that their own lense out onto the world creates distortion of its own.

Stop buying into partisan nonsense. It might help keep you from over simplifying consumer advocate positions as "more gov't control of everything." Most of them are trying to represent the public -- a novel notion indeed.