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reply to Truther

Re: Really?

said by Truther :

If that is true then why is it the current Democrat administration has let Comacast gobble up NBC? Why have they allowed Verizon and Comacast to partner? Why have they basically been the administration that never saw a monopoly they didn't like?

Basically, the copyright industry isn't big enough to force wholesale changes down the throats of the American people (alone), so getting in bed w/ the ISPs so that their values align and their wallet is big enough to bribe EITHER party to make these changes.. least, we forget.. a substantial # of these committees are shared responsiblity (rarely, if ever do you have ONE GUY saying "Oh hell no, this far and no further..."). They already know that this 6x (strikes) plan is going to be a big mess and will in the end cost the ISPs some customers.. and jusitfy usage based billing and rate hikes as an end game (aka final solution) to the copyright industry's problem. In Canada, they tax storage hardware & media..

However, these changes aren't a Republican or Democrat issue, it's more a corruption issue than anything.. if you ask the common man about the AT&T/Tmobile merger, they were against, it.. usage based billing (data)... against, Comcast caps... against.. Comcast/Nbc.. skeptical, AT&T/Bellsouth merger... for, but there were alot of broken promises, so that ended up changing as time clicked by and they did not fulfill the merger principles for owning Bell South/Cingular. Who does this all benefit? Three beneficiaries come to mind: Lawyers, Wall Street, and the 1%... Who does it hurt? Joe, the average rate payer..