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Reptiles Are Cuddly And Pretty
Mount Airy, MD
reply to Telco

Re: Truth

said by Telco:

Which municipal FTTH project failed?

Here are a few. And why do you conclude that any government-funded project has a guaranteed success?

»A Municipal Failure



said by Telco:

Actually, the legislation was proposed by the large Telcos in various states...

I couldn't care less who proposed it. In the end the taxpayers win because their money isn't wasted on something that isn't vital.
said by Telco:

Which part of they do not want to service these areas do you fail to grasp?

Ok I am typing this really slow so that you understand. My suggestion was for *private* entities and persons to raise their own money to build their network. You do realize this doesn't have to mean a cable or telephone company, right?
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