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Snohomish, WA
reply to pfsmith

Re: [Speed] ICSI Netalyzr Results - "Excess Buffering"

I think Jason was pointing out it's not JUST your computer and your router, and comast's various routers or the other routes outside and on the return path.
It's like a firehose filling your bathtub, and you opening the drain, needing to empty it to get to the freshest water
It's each step adding it's slight delay, (and sometimes a longer delay, when EVERYBODY needs something NOW. It's the cumulative effect which many of the commerial routers handle ok load up the return path and the bottle neck being the fairly constrained equipment on your LAN (router first) can be overwhelmed by the que depth.

We have created enough layers of big buffers to keep your connection FULL for 1700ms down and 710 up so even your ACKs may appear to be lost to the server,causing resends, and keeping the que (over)full at all times.