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reply to Mele20

Re: Warning: 0-Day vulnerability in Java 7

said by Mele20:

So, is Mozilla now allowing use of version 6? I had TO STOP using Java on Fx because of them not allowing version 6.

Fx is not Chrome. Mozilla has no business telling me what I can and cannot use on my browser. They are much worse now than Microsoft. HYPOCRITES also since they caved to Melih but now try and say how much they protect their users. BS.

Mozilla so far seems to be the only browser maker talking about this, and actually coming up with workarounds. And for that they are terrible?

Yes - Mozilla is terrible. Please stop using their products immediately.*

*Because we're tired of your constant derailment of every frigging thread!


Randallstown, MD
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1 recommendation

(oops. looks like I should have really replied to Mele.)

Since when couldn't you use 6 in Mozilla?
I can, I have & have had it.

There have been times when Mozilla has blocked either extensions/plugins outright, or for particular version that have known vulnerabilities.

So yes, they may very well block Java 1.7u01 to 1.7u06, forcing you to go to 1.7u07.

Actually they do something just like that.

- <pluginItem blockID="p119">
  <match name="name" exp="Java\(TM\) Plug-in 1\.(6\.0_(\d|[0-2]\d?|3[0-2])|7\.0(_0?([1-4]))?)([^\d\._]|$)" /> 
  <match name="filename" exp="libnpjp2\.so" /> 
  <versionRange severity="1" /> 
- <pluginItem blockID="p125">
  <match name="name" exp="Java\(TM\) Platform SE ((6( U(\d|([0-2]\d)|3[0-2]))?)|(7(\sU[0-4])?))(\s[^\d\._U]|$)" /> 
  <match name="filename" exp="npjp2\.dll" /> 
  <versionRange severity="1" /> 

If I had a problem with that, & the stupidity to do so, I could work around it.