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united state

[E-mail] Some accounts work some do not?

Very weird issue I'm having here so I'll type it out while I'm on the phone waiting on Comcast to answer.
I tried two online techs yesterday with no solution but I have 5 Comcast.net accounts - 3 of them work fine with my Outlook 2010 the other 2 do not. I tried one of them which is my main account on the website log in and I can see the emails but can't access them when I click on them - the screen just appears to keep tryin to load.
I've tried everything but nothing has worked yet - all the settings are Identical (cept username/passwords) for each account as in incoming/outgoing addy's, ports and whatever but nothing!

Does anyone have any idea what in the world I should do except bug them about it cause I know its not me. I don't know what I should ask for to get them to fix it.

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You might want to look at the suggestions I offered to your similar post in another thread: »Re: Has Comcast's spam filters been breached?
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Not sure why it would work on some account names but not others, unless a large number of emails was causing not to finish loading. or differnt names are stored alphabetically or by creation date on different servers and that server is running slow/dead
I'd try to reach a higher support level, like the direct forum to see if something needs a reboot


united state
reply to sava700
ugg i figured it out. The pc of junk new router I got was causing it cause it defaulted to IPv6 and Comcast or at least around here doesn't support it so it was causing all sorts of issues. I purchased this thing from Walmart cause my other better one died and I needed one in a hurry. I took it back after I replaced it with a new flashed to DD-WRT router and told them to stop selling these things here...they will likely ignore me.