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Nice, CA

cisco dpc 3008 flashing link light

My provider is Mediacom. I have to pay them 5 buck a month to rent a modem when it used to be free.

I had good connectivity with the new modem a Cisco DPC 3008.

Then when I shut off my computer (close the door on my laptop) the LINK light still was flashing.
Then it stopped.
Then it came back on when the computer was in stand by mode. Not supposed to happen.
I made three calls to teck support after looking up the specs on the modem which clearly state the light only blinks when info is being transferred.
When i got to a sup all of a sudden my probe went away.

he was going to email his specs which told him the light was supposed to blink but I never got that email.

a) your computer wasn't shut down, only in sleep mode. Check your Windows power settings.

b) there was still some activity from the WAN side of the connection causing the light to flicker.

Why are you so concerned, and is the DPC in bridge mode or router / wireless mode?



Nice, CA

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I'm running XP and it goes to standby mode when closed.
This cisco is used as a modem. The link light wasn't on when I first got it. Then it stayed on for a couple of days then it went off when closed again. The user manual says it blinks when info is being transmitted only. I placed my third call to tech support and got a supervisor.
He said he was going to email me the specs that they have that says it blinks but never did but after i got off the phone the light stopped blinking. It stayed that way but eventually went back to blinking.
I've been on the net for a long time and this has never happened to a modem before.

San Antonio, TX
reply to duckplkr
honestly i think you are worried about something that is insignificant and if it truly concerns you, unplug the ethernet cable. I can guarantee you all they did when you called was roll their eyes and im saying this from a "having been in tech support" role for an ISP because theres not really much they can do. When my PC goes into sleep/hibernation the nic stays up in 10Mbps/Half Duplex for WOL packets; this is a bios setting.

Dont take it the wrong way from reading what ive said, its just theres more things to worry about than a blinking link light which is more than likely flickering for ARP =).

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Nice, CA
Mediacom fixed the problem and now the link light does not flash when in sleep!